Brian Wallenberg - Man of Many Talents
The Political Enthusiast
Brian at his desk
Brian has never ran for a political office, but is a strong member of the Republican Party.
Brian owns a small business, Wallenberg Carpet Care that he operates on the side.  At one time, the National Republican Congressional Committee had a business advisory council, in which Brian was selected to sit on that advisory council.  The Congressional Gavel that you see Brian holding in this picture was given to him for being on this committee.
When Brian was a high school junior, he served as a Page for the Minnesota House of Representatives.  He was among other students who had the opportunity to he on the house floor while the house was in session to assist the legislatures during session.  The term for a high school page is one week.
MInnesota House of Representative's High-School Page Program.
Minnesota House of Representatives Speaker's Desk.
In this photo, Brian is directly in the middle, on the Speaker's Desk.
During that time, he toured all of the Capitol, including the Minnesota Supreme Court, and visited their hearing chambers in the Judicial Building located on the Minnesota State Capitol Hill.
Brian in the Minnesota Supreme Court hearing chambers.
Minnesota Supreme Court hearing chambers.
Brian is a Republican, and married a Republican.  Brian and his Wife Jackie visit the Capitols often, both the Minnesota State Capitol, and the Utah State Capitol. 
Brian and Jackie at the Minnesota State Capitol.
In Utah, Brian and Jackie are so active in the Republican Party, they get invited to dinners and events at the Capitol, in which includes elected officials.
Although this photo here is of
the Minnesota State Capitol.
Brian's Presidential-Style office in his house.
Brian is so politically enthused, he even has his own Presidential-Style office in his house.
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